Thistle Do

Thistle Do

Watercolor on Paper 16 x 20" Framed $140

Al Fresco (2)

Al Fresco (2)

Pastel on Bristol Paper 17 x 22" Framed $140

Resting place

Resting place

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed 21 x 17" $150

Lambs Ear

Lambs Ear

Watercolor on Paper 21 x 17" Framed $130

Out to Pasture Cropped

Out to Pasture Cropped

Watercolor, Matted and Framed 20 x 16" $175



Monarch on Zinnia

Monarch on Zinnia

Watercolor, Framed 22 x 17" $180

Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Watercolor on Paper. 12 x 16" Framed. SOLD, Prints Available.

Oils, Encaustics and Mixed Media

Chama Valley

Alcohol Ink and Encaustic on Yupo, 6 x 9". SOLD, prints available.

Beach sunset with birds

Alcohol Ink and Encaustic on Art Board, 6 x 9" Framed. $75

Red Hills

Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Art board, 6 x 6", framed. $70

Blue Bonnet no sig

Encaustic on art board, 4 x 6", framed. SOLD, prints available.

Harbor Lights

Oils and Cold Wax Medium, 10 x 8".

Sunny Meadow

Oils and Cold Wax Medium, 11 x 14" framed, SOLD, prints available.

Sad Flower

Encaustic on Vinyl, 4 x 6". $50


California Burning

Pastels on sanded board, 30 x 24", framed. $200

The Birth of a Plan closeup_edited


Al Fresco (2)

Alcohol Inks

Prickly Pear Blossoms

Purple moonscape on tile

Farm on the hill

Christmas Cactus 1

Daisies Vertical


Rose Bouquet

Rose Tile

Sunflower Cropped

Single Pink Daisy


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